Carta a Mano nelle Ande Onlus

We are a charity of artisans and papermakers based in Chimbote, Peru, specialized in high quality and customized handmade paper items.

Buy our products!

Fine art papers

Real handmade paper for watercolors and other techniques that will enrich your artworks.

Letterpress paper

A just launched specialty paper: thick handmade cardboard for deep impressions and high contrast between the paper texture and the smoothness of the inked areas.

Custom watermarks

The luxury of watermarked paper for everyone: we craft custom watermarked paper based on your designs, no matter how intricate and ambitious, even for small quantities.

Wedding cards

How do you dream your 'I do' be announced? With a traditional and solemn invitation? With a trendy and joyfull one? Or with the emotion and uniqueness of handwriting? We have them all, plus: we cooperate with artists to customize your invitiations over a theme of your choice, so they can be truly 'Yours'.

Crafting the next generation of paper artisans!

We teach, share, reinvent and merge with new gear the old techniques of papermaking, to create modern quality products, skilled craftsmen and:


This is our first product! We train and employ people, mainly youth, from the poorer neighborhoods of Chimbote, were unemployment is widespread and poverty cuts the chance of a better future for too many a family.


Our intended by-product: after we have paid for wages, raw materials and running costs, profits are contributed to St. Maria Auxiliadora Parish in Chimbote, for much needed social projects benefiting the whole comunitity in this harsh but lively underdeveloped area.

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